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Our mission is to simplify responsible shopping

Our history

When we talk about the environment, it's easy to forget where we come from. For us, it was elementary school. We had just learned what global warming was and the impacts it would have. Faced with what seemed like the end of the world was imminent, we got to work. The result? An idea: build a wind turbine at the top of Mont Saint-Hilaire!

Of course, we were young and naive, and far from understanding that a project as such was not super realistic...

It was while reflecting on this story in 2019 that we realized that we had become particularly cynical about environmental action. For what?

That’s because for us, and many other people, helping the environment seemed futile. The complex world we live in does not allow us to take the time to determine which actions are worth taking. Readily available environmental information is often contradictory or incomplete. This deeply discouraged us when the time came to take concrete action for the environment.

Why is it so complicated to buy eco-friendly?

It was with this question in mind that we founded karavel in 2019. We started with a simple pop-up holiday store selling local and ecological products, followed by a simple website to sell these same products, to arrive at today with an informational online shopping platform that facilitates responsible purchasing.

karavel allows you to shop for everyday products without having to worry about your environmental, social and community impact. We take the time to research each product and present this information in a clear and accessible manner.

The idea is that we rack our brains for you

-Karl and Tim


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