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Discover the dish cake made by Atelier Tonic with simple and biodegradable ingredients. No more plastic bottles!

When you buy liquid soap, you also buy water. And yes, liquid soap can contain up to 90% water 😱. With a dishwashing cake, you only buy what really matters: the soap. Plus, the ingredients are simple, familiar, biodegradable, and healthy!

Scrub it with a brush or cloth, then wash your dishes! Or, run the water over your soap when you fill your sink. You will get soapy water, perfect for washing your dishes.


Each ingredient in the dish cake has an important role to play:

  • Sodium coconut sulfate (SCS): Made from coconut oil, sodium coconut sulfate is mainly used to lather your soap. It's also a powerful surfactant that allows oil and water to mix (it fights grease!).
  • Sodium cocoyl isethionate (SCI) : Also made from coconut oil, sodium cocoyl isethionate is a milder surfactant than SCS. It is used to soften the SCS and make the soap gentler on your hands.
  • Coco betaine : Similar to SCI, coconut betaine is used to soften your soap. It is also used to create lather!
  • Sodium Carbonate : Sodium carbonate helps raise the PH of water, making surfactants more effective! It also helps counteract hard water which can reduce the effectiveness of soaps.
  • Sweet orange essential oil : Maybe not necessary, but good smells are always nice! Plus it helps prevent dry hands!

Atelier Tonic makes this dish cake by hand in Montreal with eco-friendly ingredients and minimal, biodegradable packaging. It is therefore an incredible addition to your ecological daily life.

Attention! When you are finished using your cake, be sure to store it in a dry place. Properly storing your dish cake bar between each use will help extend its lifespan!

Why it's eco-friendly
  • Plastic free
  • Its solid shape avoids the transport of water
  • Vegan
  • Please note that essential oils increase the ecological footprint of this product. Consider our fragrance-free options for an even more eco-friendly alternative!

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